Don’s reading list and book reviews

Here you will find my reading projects.My comments on them will be posted here under the book as I complete them.  If you like my 2 cents worth, or even if you don’t, check ’em out for yourself!

My first review is of the book Necroforms

  Reviewed on: 5/31/12
“creepy!”. First thing…I liked it! It was very descriptive in its settings and characters. If the author’s aim was to make you feel that the main character was not a nice guy, then he succeeded!. The writing style is crisp and not overly wordy. I especially liked the regional dialect, the slang terms that let me know that the author was not from the USA as I am. Overall it was scarey and a very good read. I will recommend it to my circle of folks.  Click on the cover to take you to the book page.

4 out of 5 Reapers!

Next book review : The Mill

 Reviewed on 6/4/12
About the Story:
Michael struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife. He has visions of her calling to him, inviting him to the beyond. At the Bereaved Partners’ Group, he learns that he is not the only one left behind who can hear the departed beckon them… to the Mill.

About the author:
Mark West was born in 1969 and lives in Northamptonshire, England with his wife, Alison and their young son Matthew. Writing since the age of eight, he discovered the small press in 1998 and since then has had almost sixty short stories published in various magazines around the world. His first collection, Strange Tales, was published by Rainfall Books in 2003 and they also published his short novel, Conjure, in 2009. His debut novel, In The Rain With The Dead, appeared from Pendragon Press in 2005 and following this — and the birth of his son — he spent two years wrestling with writer’s block. This was broken when his story The Mill, which Mark Morris called ‘one of the most moving pieces of writing I have read in a long time’, appeared in the acclaimed five-author collection We Fade To Grey, edited by Gary McMahon.

My thoughts:
I thought The Mill was well written and entertaining, but… I was left with some unanswered questions. What for example was the significance of the “coughers”? The main character Michael felt that there was presence at the Mill that looked like his dead wife, but was not in fact his beloved, yet at the end of the story his view seemed to change. I liked the story, but it left me a little confused on some points.

3 out of 5 Reapers!

Next book review: Dead(ish)
 Reviewed on:
From the Inside Flap

Mike says:
“It was accidental. Just believe me. We were arguing, she told me I #### like a jellyfish (what the ####?), and I slapped her. ####, wouldn’t you? Nothin’ much, if she’d been a bloke she’da laughed in my face. But she fell off her stupid stilettos. That’s all she was wearing, see, just stilettos and a coating of oil. ######, she stank like a #####house. But she said that, and she smirked. It was the smirk what did for me, but it was the high heels what did for Linda. She went sideways and lost her balance on the tall, stupid spiky things and went down, smacking her head on that fancy ‘occasional table’ with a nice meaty thump.

“She died 12 or so hours later. In her sleep. We’d called a truce and gone to bed and ####ed and fell asleep. I woke up clutching a dead-cold cadaver that wouldn’t move so I could take a pulse.”

Linda says:

“My name’s Linda. I’m dead. It sucks, OK? Especially because I’m dead for no good reason. I’m dead because my dumb#### boyfriend shot me and it hurt like hell and that’s all I remember, to be honest. Until I woke up without a body. Now I know from books and movies that that’s not the way it’s supposed to happen. Well, in a way it is, right. But the ghost is always anchored by their bod, and they can’t move too far away from it. Which implies that they know WHERE THE #### IT IS. Whereas, me? I don’t know where my body is, and I’m not limited to any location. And for some reason, this is really important to me. I need to find my body. Maybe I need closure, or some ####. I don’t know. I just need to. So I hired Trent. He’ll find my body for me. I hope. If he doesn’t, I’ll fire his #### and haunt him in between haunting my ex-beloved and hiring someone with a clue.”

Trent says:

“Everybody’s lying their #### off, and it’s really starting to get annoying.”

About the author, Naomi Kramer:
Naomi is an Australian author living in Ipswich, Queensland. She grew up in Walla Walla – a tiny town of 600 people in south-eastern Australia. Life in country Australia leaves a lot of time for childhood boredom. Some kids turn to farming, some to drugs. Naomi turned to writing fiction and dreaming of big city life.

She works as a Technical Writer during the day, and writes fiction in the evenings. Naomi has a husband, two children, two cats and a bad coffee habit. She’s a tragic Buffy and Angel fan, and still plays the episode intro all the way through because she loves the theme music.

My thoughts:
OK, it was vulgar! harsh language,and crude.That said…. It was the funniest SH*T I have read in years!!! The main character, Linda, is dead, kinda. Her boyfriend, Mike, is a hole (he killed her), and her two gay neighbors are in on the deal. Linda hires a detective to find out what Mike did with the body. Meanwhile Linda is haunting Mike and generally making his life hell! It’s well written. graphic and just plain funny! If you are not easily offended then definitely get this one. There are 2 more in the series and I’m buying them as soon as I finish this review. Bottom line….this one’s a keeper!!!

5 out of 5 Reapers!

Next review: (technically) DEAD (DEAD(ish) Book 2)
 Reviewed on:
Here we go again! Linda is back and still Dead(ish). This time she is just chilling in heaven, when she is given an assignment to help a newly dead computer nerd find his afterlife. Linda is none too happy about the job, but what the heck right? She goes back to earth, contacts the investigator Trent, and it’s off to the races with another funny and wild ride. This is book 2 in the Dead(ish) series. I enjoyed this one as well as I did the first, although it’s not quite as funny as the first one. The writing is solid and I like the characters. I’m looking forward to the next one and hopefully even more in the series.

4 out of 5 Reapers!

Next review: DEAD (as a doorpost) (DEAD(ish) Book 3)
 Reviewed on:
Ok i get it. The stories are short, but that fact does not make them any less enjoyable! Ms. Kramer has created a very addictive little storyline. I admire her for her talent. This installment of the Chronicles of the spirit Linda, features a dead couple. Once again it’s well written and funny. The big thing is that it makes me want to read more in the series. I’ve come to like all of the recurring characters. As a new novelist, the reaction I’m having to Ms. Kramer’s books is the same reaction I want my potential readers to have to mine. Excellent read! My congrats.

5 out of 5 Reapers!

Next review: Perpetual Night
 Reviewed on: 6/12/12
I was impressed by the story itself. The descriptions were vivid and  well thought out. I was able to see it all in my mind as I was reading.  In my honest opinion, this is the one thing that separates an ok/good read from a great read! It was creepy at times and interesting throughout. I started reading it with the intention of reading a couple of pages and going to bed. Well I could not put it down!  It is just the right length to read in one go if you are an avid reader. With the exception of a few minor editing flaws, this book is as good as it gets! I highly recommend!

4 out of 5 Reapers!

Next Review:  In The Rain With The Dead
 Reviewed on: 6/23/12
Solid read! I liked this book because it made me care about the characters. I cheered for the heroes and despised the villains. It was sufficiently creepy at times and kept me interested throughout. Very well written and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a great story.

4 out of 5 Reapers!

Next Review:  Resurrection X: Zombie Evolution (Paperback)
 Reviewed on: 6/24/12
This book made me think. It was entertaining and well written and all that but, even more important, I’m glad I read it. The many sides of the human psyche are on display for all the world to see. The set of events that can change a person or a group of people in so far as how they feel and think about the world they live in. These are the things that make this a great read. I was pleasantly surprised for this is not just another zombie story. It took flight in directions that I never saw coming. It is solid writing; imagination and storytelling at its very best! I would gladly give it 6 stars if it were possible!

5 out of 5 Reapers!


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