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Works in Progress (WIP). UPDATE!



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New Excerpt (unedited) from The Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone

Please remember that this is an unedited excerpt. I hope you like it and please leave a comment to let me know what you think. Thanks!

It was a short ride to the strip. When they arrived the women were ushered out of the van and started towards the helicopter, which was about 40 yards away. Their hands were tied in front of them with plastic zip ties. Lita noticed that as they were walking, Eva was moving her hands against each other making circular patterns and that she was muttering to herself. Even though they had been told to keep quiet, she was about to whisper to Lydia about it when a black dog came out of the bushes onto the strip and began to bark.

As all the soldiers turned toward the dog, there was a swishing sound overhead and everyone looked up. Nacurus had appeared and had transformed into a winged demon known as a fury. His skin was still red but was somewhat scaly and shiny. He had wide leathery wings and long black talons on his hands and feet. He opened his beaklike mouth and a jet of fire erupted as he swooped down towards the helicopter. As the men on the ground opened fire with their weapons, the chopper exploded in a great ball of flame instantly killing the pilot and one other man that was close by. Brock pulled Eva and the girls to the ground shielding them with his body.

Then the reaper appeared in midair close to the spot where Nacurus was hovering. His ragged cloak flew out behind him and the moonlight gleamed on his blade. The men stopped firing for a moment and the incubus turned and beheld a demon whose class far outranked his own.

The Reaper seemed unconcerned with the presence of the humans. His focus was entirely upon a servant who had made a fatal error. “THE MASTER IS NOT PLEASED.” His blade flashed and there was a loud cracking sound and a flash of fire as Nacurus was cut in half. His body fell to the ground burning and the reaper turned and looked at Lita. She felt a cold dread as she recognized the demon. This thing would soon be coming for her and even though she had believed Nana about his presence in the old stories, seeing him now made it all real. She closed her eyes and prayed for it to be over. Eva felt her fear and whispered; “This is not your time; he is not here for you.” The reaper hovered there for a minute and then he vanished.