*Official* cover of The Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone – have you picked up your copy yet?



We have the official release date for The Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone as Halloween 2012! That’s right folks, a mere 2 months away on October 31, 2012! We can’t express to you how excited we are that you are a part of this as a fan, and we can’t wait to get this book into each of your hands! Don is working hard on all things leading to the release date, and he is eager for you to “walk” down this path with him through this amazing book. Please stay tuned and check back for more updates and further information!


Just a quick update about our book trailer website:

Black Moon Book Trailers

You will find all of our current and updated book trailer information there, including methods of how to contact us.

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Please leave us comments, ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and questions any time. We are more than happy to listen and answer anything we can – without giving anything away of course ;).

We look forward to sharing more information with you as the date comes closer to release. Check back often for more reviews, updates, and information!